Wednesday, June 13, 2018

i love wednesdays...


...and smiling cowboys!
Seriously, could this little guy be any cuter or more excited about dressing up for school? G thinks he is a farmer as it was Farm Day at school. Not quite, but you do have your tractor with you so it's okay. Hey, working parents do their best!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

essential oils...

Sacred Arrow

I'm somewhat obsessed with essential oils and diffuser jewelry from Vitality Extracts.  I just received my Energy Oil, Inner Peace Oil and Angel Rose Roll On which smells like roses, of smells so pretty. Also, I'm currently wearing a few diffuser bracelets...simple bracelets made with volcanic rock beads which absorb the oils and allow you to smell the scent through out the day. Always seeking calm and balance...right?

Monday, June 11, 2018

good monday morning...

I cannot believe I have not been off of work for one week yet! Yikes, it feels like I have been home for days as my days go slowly by; it is nice. Brian has been crazy busy at work so I have had much alone time which again, is nice. I've, of course, been productive with my time; all boxes are gone and the car is empty and a few more pictures were hung and a few drawers reorganized. Despite downsizing by 1000 square feet, we have more than enough room and I can still purge some things that I have not touched since we moved in. I absolutely love how simple our lives are now, walking everywhere and living close to my loves. It is wonderful being able to see more of our family, that is something that I was missing and, oh, and being able to watch my little ones on a moment's notice. That is special.

Friday, June 8, 2018

and the last few days were for...

  • early run/walks and
  • Starbucks and
  • store returns and
  • bank work and
  • a hair cut and color and
  • a cleaner run and
  • a wine pick-up at Coopers Hawk and 
  • time with my Elmhurst friends and
  • gift buying and
  • almost finishing all of my "fine tuning" at 255.
It is soon time for me to pack for the next adventure. Looking forward to Oregon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

and so it begins...

I woke up this morning to experience the first day of my new life and it felt good! I decided to get a few things done in our new apartment before heading out to explore our town. Walking is good for the soul and know I enjoyed each and every moment of the new sights; especially walking through Elmhurst College campus. There is nothing more inspiring to me than a campus; I just love the way I feel as I pass building after building where minds are filled with knowledge  I picked up a few things for our next few dinners on my way back, stopped for a Matcha Latte at Starbucks and then went for a waxing. Now, I'm getting ready to tackle the afternoon by wrapping up some paperwork and making some appointment. A good start to my new life!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

it's here...

Bittersweet Flower

My last day of teaching has arrived. After today, I am officially retired and I begin the next chapter of my life. Bittersweet? Not really as my life started to change in April when we sold our St. Charles home. I wanted us to have a "simpler" life, a "freer" life, an "uncomplicated" life and that is what we now have in Elmhurst. I'm so looking forward to enjoying today, saying some heartfelt goodbyes to some very dear people and then beginning fresh tomorrow. How lucky am I?

Friday, June 1, 2018

happy friday...

Hello, hello, hello. It has been awhile as I am continuing to work on getting into a daily routine after moving four weeks ago tomorrow and let's just say, I am almost there. What has not happened, however, is me resuming my "forever journal" blog or daily exercising. It will come! It will come!
What is life like for us now, you might ask? Well,  Brian and I are enjoying our beautiful, new place. We love the space and location and amenities; it is beautiful and our life is much, much, much simpler. Cooking has resumed, thank goodness for that, and after this weekend, all unpacking and decluttering will be done. I only have one box of pictures to deal with and a few things in cabinets that I saved but have not missed so they might be gone by the end of the weekend. Celebrating me continues, which is crazy! I have had two retirement parties and a Mother's Day celebration and two birthday celebrations already. Coming up this week are two more retirement gatherings; one with my family and one with my team. Amazing! I am truly lucky as my friends and family have been so wonderful to me. This has been a special four weeks; full of change and love and I have been touched by many. Life is good!
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Thursday, May 24, 2018

this week...

I have had full weeks since we moved to Elmhurst. A commute makes a day longer,  but I must say that I have enjoyed it. It is nice to be able to drive for 40 minutes and do nothing.. You can't move or multitask; all you can do is listen or think. I find that to be quite calming.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

lucky seven...

Related image

I have seven more days until the last day of school. SEVEN! Not only will June 5 be my last school day before summer break, but it is also my last day of work before I officially retire. Looking forward to the peace and calm I will soon feel when I am absolutely "stress free"!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

this makes me feel like summer is here...

i'm not there yet...

Related image

A few things have been hard to adjust to as we enter week three in our apartment. What, you might ask? Well...

  1. Establishing a Morning Routine:  Just when I think, I'm almost there, something happens and I'm not out the door on time; my routine is just not automatic yet. One day, I was dropping things and another day I felt like I was moving in circles. Today, I thought all was going smooth until I was about five minutes from home and discovered I forgot my phone as I put it in a new place to charge. It will happen soon but I'm not there yet.
  2. Cooking: I am not able to meal plan yet so I have barely cooked. That is just not good as dining out is expensive and unhealthy. I feel like my lack of cooking is due to the fact that I don't get home until almost 6 most days and if a meal has not been planned, cooking just doesn't happen. It will happen soon but I'm not there yet.
  3. Exercising: Since I still can't get out of the door at the same time multiple days in a row, throwing something else into my routine is not realistic. I want to get back to my workouts soon but for now, I'm okay with me saying, "It will happen sooner rather than later."
Hoping to overcome these obstacles soon!

Monday, May 21, 2018

what has been going on...

Good Monday Morning, All!  Needless to say, we have been "non-stop" busy the first 20 days of May. The moving truck was at our St. Charles home at 7:30 a.m. on May 5 and left our Elmhurst home at 12:30 p.m. and since then, there has not been many moments of down time. We were unpacked and settled in by Monday the 7th  thanks to the "H's"... thank you, thank you, thank you....and as of yesterday, I think we are 99% finished. Our new fifth floor apartment is truly beautiful and both of us have almost established a comfortable routine; I forgot how that takes time. Between work and everything else that comes with a big move like life, this month has literally flown by but now, I am thinking, Brian and I are going to be able to enjoy slower days. We shall see how this week goes. Hoping to enjoy the last full week of May!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

it's may...

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May is finally here! It has been "quiet on the blog" lately as I have been busy packing, packing and packing and purging, purging and purging. What's coming up, you might ask? Well, this week is going to be a big one. My retirement party is Thursday, we move on Saturday and our house closes on Monday. Change is beginning to happen and these are big changes; really big. I am excited as "Change is good" and do you what? There are more big changes happening soon.  Yep, more to come so stay tuned but for today, I'm welcoming May and all the "new" it is sure to bring!

Monday, April 23, 2018

the last full week of april...

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How can this be? I feel like I keep saying this but it's true. A cold and wintery April is already about to end and then May arrives. Oh my, time is flying. Our weekend; it was packed with packing. I finished the entire kitchen, yep, it's done although I was a bit panicked as I think I packed too many dishes. My husband, of course, came to the rescue and said we can go through a few boxes tonight and reduce so I'm feeling better. This is a short week for me as I am taking off Friday. I'll be doing more packing, taking down my paintings and making a couple trips to a consignment shop. Oh, and I'm going to get my living room furniture cleaned. My week will be full...Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

just a guy at his gym...

You don't need to spend money to work out. Just slap on your weighted vest and run up a butte. Nick calls it his butte; its Pilot Butte in Bend; one of the places that Nick and I are going to explore. We are hiking the Butte with our backpacks filled with water, our lunch, and a book to read according to Nick. One of his many plans for my month stay. Can't wait to enjoy the beautiful view at the top.

Friday, April 20, 2018

a place forever...

My friend, Brenda, is a kind soul. She is one of those good people in the world who loves her family and Jesus and her friends. Brenda bought a lot of my furniture which fills my heart with happiness as she is so excited to redo her home, to freshen it up. Last week, Brenda was over for her first round of moving her purchases when she noticed a rock I had placed on a love seat she was buying. She asked, "What is this?" and I told her it was a rock for her rock garden. Brenda and her family love the outdoors and rocks and brings home some from all of the places they explore and puts them in their rock garden. I told her and Soren that this was a rock I brought home from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I was giving it to her so she would remember me. She sent me this picture and said, "You have a place at our house!" That made me get teary; moving is sentimental, after all!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

moving update...

I was hoping to pack this week after work but that just has not happened. By the time I get home and change and make dinner, I'm done. I just can't get a box and start to pack. I did, however, sell more odds and ends and helped a friend move furniture out of my home into her rented truck so the second level of our home is totally empty. Also finished was assembling all the IKEA furniture and not a nut or bolt not used so I'm guessing the pieces will be stable. This weekend I WILL take care of all dishes, glass ware, pots and pans and appliances that need packing. I also want to remove all paintings and mirrors from walls so some decisions about art work can be made and work on some odds and ends that need to be addressed in the garage. I think that this will be a good plan.

Monday, April 16, 2018


Much was accomplished this weekend.
  • Bedding, sheets, towels and shower curtain  bought.
  • Two Ikea end tables put together.
  • Two closets emptied.
  • Two bathrooms emptied.
  • One table borrowed so we have a place to work and eat.
This week is for putting together an Ikea dresser that is sure to have a thousand nuts, bolts, screws and dishes are going to be sorted, purged and packed.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

another sleepless night..

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...thinking of change of address notices, packing, selling more things, furniture deliveries, work and more.

Monday, April 9, 2018

much was done...

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It started on Thursday. My office was emptied and the end tables in our room gone. On Friday after work, my kitchen piece was emptied and picked up and a co-worker came over and bought a bed and our farm table, chairs and bench. Around 11 on Saturday, the bedroom dressers were gone, almost all of the furniture in the family room gone and a chest and white table sold. I spent Sunday purging clothes and putting clothes taken out of drawers and put on the floor into baskets. Then, I finished packing glasses and silverware and alcohol in the kitchen so counters would be cleared and we could function this week. A trip to Goodwill emptied my completely filled trunk and now, we are on to Phase Three: packing dishes and pots and pans and all that is used to cook. We did good!

Friday, April 6, 2018

time to get into high gear...

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Over break, I addressed everything that needed to be addressed after our Home Inspection. We also bought boxes and emptied the basement and organized the garage so we could move things there as packing begins. This week, I met with a moving company and started to sell furniture. Packing is going to begin this weekend as it is time to get into high gear!

oregon; so much to explore...

Thursday, April 5, 2018

happy birthday...

Today is our Ava's birthday...she is ONE! I cannot believe that a year has already passed. Looking forward to seeing this precious one Saturday to celebrate her. I need some serious cuddle time with my little nugget!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

a "nick fish"...

Photo created by Michelle...she is a funny one!

Here is a little Oregon humor on this Tuesday and look at Michelle! She is a mighty, outdoor woman with beautifully manicured nails. My kind of girl!

Monday, April 2, 2018

happy monday...

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Break is over and the countdown is beginning. I have 45 more work days and 31 days until we move. That means much is going on here in St. Charles. This weekend, we completed Phase One; the basement and now we are moving on to Phase Two which is the rest of the house. I decided to donate little things so we don't waste time which worked well for us thus far. Now, we need to get rid of quite a bit of furniture so this week's goal is to post pictures of stuff at work to see if anyone is interested in buying used. I think that is a good plan. Moving requires a lot of planning and thinking. Hoping the next seven days will be productive!