Monday, November 30, 2015

december is here...

Happy December! As of today I...

  • have bought our Nick's 26th birthday gift and hope we will enjoy a dinner with him in Batavia at a great, new Italian restaurant that Brian and me are favoring these days.
  • am not sure about Christmas cards again this year.  Last year, I did not send any out due to Brian's cancer.  This year, things are better, but all is not well so maybe I'll do a "Happy New Year" card.
  • have now bought gifts for my parents, two sweet girls and Graham.  My boys gifts will be bought tomorrow and then, there are just a few small things I must buy to bring "good cheer" to my family and friends.
  • am starting a new workout and eating routine which I am looking forward to. Well, not this week as it won't be comfortable; but I'll like it next week.
Happy December to all!

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