Monday, November 30, 2015

happy monday...

Roberto's Bar

I hope you had a great weekend. I...
  • enjoyed a wonderful gathering at the H's on Thanksgiving Day. The food was amazing and Sarah and Chris were so kind and Graham was adorable. The afternoon was lovely until, after dinner, Brian was holding G and he reached behind Brian for the candle and put his hand into it and Yikes...things got chaotic. All turned out well, Graham was not burned, but I had to go home as I don't recover quickly from situations like those.
  • woke up the next morning to get ready for my mom's birthday celebration at Roberto's in Elmhurst.  The afternoon was perfect and the restaurant was amazing. It was decorated beautifully for the holidays and the decorations truly enhanced the gorgeous ambiance that already exists; beautiful wood and linen and lightning.  The food was spot on and the staff was there to serve.  I want to go back sooner rather than later and if you're looking for a spot for a lovely lunch or dinner; go to Roberto's.
  • put up and decorated our Christmas tree on Saturday and then went out for a quick lunch before napping.  Both of us were tired as we did not get to bed until almost midnight on Friday due to our Acarada concert; Deacon Blues.
  • made a huge pot of vegetable soup for the week as well as pork chops and a Honey Glazed Carrot and Parsnip dish.  I was a fun and relaxing Sunday which was good as it's back to three full weeks of work before Christmas.
Have a great week!

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