Thursday, March 14, 2013

some one was sad on the phone with me...

I feel really bad as I knew things have been hard for Nick and yesterday, he finally let me know I was right, in a subtle way, as he is not a complainer. Getting around is horrible and time consuming and exhausting.  Then, there are doctor appointments to make and he needed to get his boot yesterday and well, he has classes to attend and homework to complete and tests to study for and papers to write.  Eating anywhere is hard as he can't easily get or prepare food with crutches and showers are not happening so he has had to learn how to take a bath (Too much information!).  Yesterday, he sounded down and said,  "I have a test on Friday (It's his mid-term that he missed just before surgery, I think.) and I just started to study for it.  It's hard to get shit done with so much going on with me."
Yuck!!!   Okay, not what I wanted to hear, but he can do it.  It's just that if he felt stronger, it would be so much easier.

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