Thursday, March 14, 2013

nope, there was little sleep for me last night...

I have to stop worrying.  Last night it was all about Nick as I was a bit sad after I discovered he was a bit down.  My mind kept thinking things like...
  • How will Nick pack to come home?
  • How will he get his things into his car?
  • Maybe he can call Rob to help him.
  • How does he do laundry?
  • How does he put laundry away
  • How can he pick up after himself on crutches?
  • Maybe I should hire a cleaning service.
  • Maybe Brian should call him to check in on his spirits.
  • Will he graduate in May?
It went on and on and on and on like this for l hours. It's terrible when I can't turn off my mind and I just keep worrying about things I can't control.

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