Sunday, February 24, 2013

what a day...

Not quite the anniversary we expected.  Our morning started out nicely with Brian running a few errands and me cleaning.  The cleaning, however, led us to cleaning the refigerator from top to bottom inside and out which is a huge job and while doing this, Brian cut his toe on a piece of glass. Our kitchen floor looked like a crime scene whith all of the smears of  blood on it so we were not ready to leave our home for our Costco outing until almost 3.  Just before leaving, we decided to call Nick who had a game in Jonesboro and had not yet called us.  (You see, that is our only request of Nick, that he call after each game to let us know that he's okay.) Well, Brian called, Nick picked up and I knew it was bad from the look on Brian's face.  Nick had just been dropped off at the hospital with a possible broken leg.  I swear, I just sat in a chair and stopped breathing.  After requesting updates, Brian sat and we both just looked at each other with disbelief.  Of course,  this is one of our forever fears and just when Nick was playing on the first 15 team this happens.  Unreal!  We proceeded to leave with heavy hearts, contacted our kids, the break was later confirmed, Pat went to the hospital and eventually Nick got home.  Going for a drink was a must and then, I discovered one of my new, silver hoop earrings had fallen out of my ear.  Lost!  Could a day spiral down faster than ours did?  Beleive me when I say I was happy for the day to end and so hope today will be uneventful.

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