Saturday, February 23, 2013

happy anniversary...

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Wow!  Today is our 33rd anniversary which does not seem possible. Really, it does not and in fact, last winter break Nick asked me how long Brian and I have been married.  When I told him, he said, "Wow!  I don't think I could even like someone for that many years."
Time has flown by quickly. I think of all of the happiness I feel in my heart each and every day because I have been married to someone that I love very much.  Brian and I have shared time together, worries together, milestones together and celebrations together. More importantly, our life together has given me...
  • a life partner.
  • the experience of knowing what true love is. 
  • a real understanding of what it means to commit to another and validate another always.
  • a friend.
  • someone who is always be there for me; no matter what, no questions asked.
  • a forever supporter.
  • 3 amazing children who truly fill my/our heart(s) with happiness.
  • a person who always listens to my stories.
  • a reason to come home each and every night.
  • a dinner companion.
  • someone to lay on the sofa with me so I can just "stop" for awhile.
  • a wonderful life.
Happy Anniversary to us!

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