Thursday, April 19, 2018

moving update...

I was hoping to pack this week after work but that just has not happened. By the time I get home and change and make dinner, I'm done. I just can't get a box and start to pack. I did, however, sell more odds and ends and helped a friend move furniture out of my home into her rented truck so the second level of our home is totally empty. Also finished was assembling all the IKEA furniture and not a nut or bolt not used so I'm guessing the pieces will be stable. This weekend I WILL take care of all dishes, glass ware, pots and pans and appliances that need packing. I also want to remove all paintings and mirrors from walls so some decisions about art work can be made and work on some odds and ends that need to be addressed in the garage. I think that this will be a good plan.

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