Thursday, August 3, 2017

my new routine lately...

Last week, I started my two week "free trial" at a hot yoga studio in town. What do I think? Well, I have a long way to go and when I am finished with the hour plus session, I'm comatosed and/or confused and I just need to slowly exit and find my car. Then, later in the day, I find myself both tired and sore. That being said, over the past two weeks I have gone to yoga two days and ran two plus miles two days as well. (Friday is my "cleaning day" so I don't think I can exercise, too.)

Results: I don't know, I guess I feel better.
Plan as I Move On: Run two mornings, weights one morning and hot yoga two early evening
Thoughts: I think this plan sounds a bit hard to attain when I return to work as that, in itself, is exhausting. Really, really exhausting, but this is me still working on doing things for my mind, body and soul so I'm going to give it a try. Stay tuned!

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