Wednesday, March 1, 2017

welcome march...

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February, normally and very low key month, was crazy for us here in St. Charles. It was filled with ups and downs, joy and stress and many, many busy days and weekends. Just to recap, we...

  • celebrated Jenny with a family dinner.
  • celebrated Baby Girl with a shower and wished our Chris a happy birthday.
  • enjoyed countless days of beautiful weather.
  • celebrated Valentine's Day.
  • celebrated our Graham's 2nd birthday.
  • hosted Nick while he sold furniture and closed up an apartment and brought his belongs to our home and filled out countless applications to prepare for his big move.
  • celebrated our anniversary quietly as Brian was crazy busy that said week.
  • had a terrible scare as my dad was very ill and worried much about my mom.
  • said goodbye to Nick as he packed up all of his belongs, well mostly clothes and a T.V. and a few other things that he loved, and headed to Oregon.
  • anxiously waited for updates over a three day period  as our guy drove about 2000 miles across country alone.
  • celebrated Mary turning 90.
  • literally ended the month discovering Brian's car needs new gaskets which is very, very expensive.
Yep, evidence of the "highs" and "lows" of February. Welcome March, I hope you bring me calm and relaxing days and nights!

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