Sunday, February 26, 2017

what a week...

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I cannot say this has been an easy week for my husband and me. Well, as I look back, we...

  • were constantly checking in with my mom to not just see how my dad was progressing daily, but how she was as his illness has been hard on her.
  • sent Nick off with little advise as he has planned this move for months. Our only request was frequent check-ins with Brian as to where he was on the road and where he was planning to sleep.
  • watched the weather and Nick's route obsessively and sent family updates that were not appreciated which did not bother me. It was my way of dealing with things and I ignored both my son and my son-in-laws little comments.
  • celebrated our Mary's 90th birthday which was lovely; the photo is her with her grandchildren and great grandchildren.
  • enjoyed Graham and Sarah on Sunday as well as making chicken cacciatori for dinner and finishing school work and laundry and getting ready for a full week of whatever comes our way.
It has to be less stressful that last week...what happened to my month of love this year?

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