Friday, January 27, 2017

the end of our first full work week is here...

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My week was wonderful.
  • Work was good and I dealt with meetings and meetings and student problems and teaching "one day at a time".
  •  I was at the gym four days and worked on incorporating strength training into my daily routines. I have to get stronger and more flexible and more stable. It will come and I felt really good that I realized I need to change things that I do daily at the gym. I'm looking forward to seeing some results.
  • I was out of bed by 4:15 each day which is what I have to do to get my workouts in and I'm adjusting. A couple of days, my guys said I looked tired around dinner time and I guess what? I was!
What is your weekend looking like? 
I'm doing some easy cleaning, (It is much simpler now to clean now that we are "clutter free here in St. Charles.), birthday shopping, pro-active, low calorie lunch prepping on Sunday (I'm spiralizing zucchini and making turkey meatballs for my lunches next week. This will be my first time spiralizing so I'm excited!) and enjoying my husband. I love the weekends and it is the last one in January, if you can believe it!

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