Wednesday, January 11, 2017

me time...

Yin Painting - Perfect Balance 2 - Yin And Yang Stone Rockd Art By Sharon Cummings by Sharon Cummings
Image belongs to Sharon Cummings
I am needing some me time even thought I was just on Winter Break. My break was wonderful, but all of us were busy, busy, busy and having my rugs replaced added another layer of activity. As there is nothing better than having one's living space in order as it creates a very peaceful surrounding which is lovely I am now going to work on getting myself feeling balanced; a balanced mind, body and soul.
The next few days are for me to relax and reflect and rejuvenate as my husband is off to Las Vegas for five, and yes, I said five days of golfing and eating and gambling and doing whatever guys do in Vegas. I am going to be alone in my quiet, peaceful home surrounded by meditation music and lit candles while drinking Yogi tea and engaging in non-stressful activities. Nothing short of wonderful and it has already begun...

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