Tuesday, January 10, 2017

decorating when you do not have a professional...


My husband and I have been doing some major redecorating in our home over this past year. Our "crib" is now de-cluttered (Truly very, very, very de-cluttered!) as we have bought new furniture and bedding and carpeting on two levels and added some beautiful, calming pieces of art. I'm more than pleased with the outcome here in St. Charles as the place we live looks clean and tastefully comfortable. I love the feel of our home when I come home and a good "feel"in our living space is what we all want.
I found this article and thought, "Yes, these are some great tips." If you don't have a decorator or consultant to help you decorate your living space, here are some points to remember. One addition to a room not mentioned in the article is to have some live plants in a rooms. Plants are said to add warmth to a home and I am going to work on buying some over the next month. The new year is a perfect time to make some changes to your home, don't you think?

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