Sunday, October 23, 2016

what a weekend...

Brian and I were up and out of our home early Saturday to head to Wisconsin to enjoy lunch with my mom and dad. Our visit was lovely and they were happy to be with us. I always leave them a bit sad, however, as they they seem to age more each time we visit. The ride home was lovely; beautiful fields and trees and you could just feel "fall" in the air and once home, my husband and I enjoyed a much needed nap. Around 6:30, we headed across street for a dinner with Jane and Santiago and then chatted with Nick and Owen when we returned home. (I was up way to late!) Sunday was for washing our car and buying some wine and going to the French Market and Reams and making Pork Marsala. The weather was amazing and I could not have wished for a more enjoyable weekend. Happy last week of October, all!

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