Thursday, August 4, 2016

life change update...

Nick and I started our "life change" on Monday with the goal of getting into better shape and dropping five pounds. It's going well for me and as for Nick, all I know is he did his "healthy grocery shopping" on Monday. Good!!!
I have walked 2.5 plus miles daily and want to continue daily exercise. Today, I decided how I want to eat when at home. I'm thinking of a light, healthy breakfast followed by my Shakeology drink at 11. Then, at 2:30, a light meal like tuna and cottage cheese or yogurt and fruit or a broccoli slaw salad; something in the 300 calorie range because I don't like to be starving in the late afternoon. That is never good and dangerous. (Note: I decided my times and meals based on my new work schedule so I'm in a routine upon returning to the real world.)  Dinners will continue to feature salads and a protein and I'm wanting to incorporate a fruit in that meal or after that meal as well as I tend to not eat many during the day. I think it looks good and I'm anxious to see how I feel on the last day of the month.

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