Friday, August 5, 2016

10 acts of kindness for lucy...

I finished my 10 Acts of Kindness for Lucy this week. Although my gestures were not completed on Lucy's birthday, July 10th, I was not worried about the date. My goal was to put thought and effort into my acts. Well, I am pleased that I participated in honoring this family and here is what I did:

  1. Bought coffee for the car behind me at Dunkin Donuts.
  2. Went to a very under-the-weather Nick's apartment and brought him Gatorade, soup, Oyster Crackers, Spicy Fried Chicken and Polysporin. Everyone needs attention when they do not feel well.
  3. Sent my dear Uncle Al and Aunt Joan a "thinking of you" gift as Uncle has struggled since having a stroke.
  4. Mailed a gift card to a former co-worker who had a baby girl at the end of June with severe microcephaly due to severe brain malformation.
  5. Gave my Jenny and Matt a "Happy First Anniversary" gift...sparkling wine and chocolate covered strawberries from Graham's in Geneva.
  6. Went to N's place to clean and organize it inside and out while he was out of town. Now, I did do this as I love getting people's lives totally organized so it was fun for me  but let's face it; it was a nice surprise for Nick. In fact, he texted me the moment he was home "Thank You!". That's all I ever need.
  7. Sent out an adorable Graham picture to family members to put a smile on their faces and to let them know I was thinking of them.
  8. Made little Eden a pretty, teal blanket. It is so pretty and I loved making it for that little oone.
  9. Brought the "J" family a few meals and flowers for my sweet, former co-worker, Sara, who was in need of something to make her smile.
  10. Bought more yarn to make Jen a blanket for baby girl, arriving in November. It's her first little nugget and she has tried for a baby for awhile.

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