Tuesday, March 8, 2016

i was thinking...

I was thinking about our life lately, meaning my husband and mine, and I think I would describe it as "calm". We live in a very pretty home and when I walk in the door, it feels peaceful to me. Our surroundings are organized and each room is filled with things we love. We live comfortably and enjoy each other and of course, our children. Neither of us likes to be "on the go" and we don't socialize much; we mostly do things with each other. We don't like large gatherings with lots of people; we prefer to eat at home cooking "restaurant style" meals. We are routine oriented and work together to accomplish tasks. We like to be with each other and live rather simply;  I think. I like our life right now; it is good, and I never wish for more or that it was different. I think that is good, too.

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