Friday, January 1, 2016

happy new year...

In 2016, remember to...

  • wake up each day with a positive attitude.
  • love your family.
  • make time for those you care about.
  • not sweat the "small stuff".
  • reach out to others.
  • read.
  • pay it forward.
  • hug a friend.
  • be truthful to yourself and others.
  • not procrastinate.
  • shake things up once in awhile.
  • not judge others.
  • set a new "savings" goal.
  • turn off your electronics.
  • say "thank you".
  • embrace peace.
  • spice up your living space.
  • kiss a baby.
  • stay organized so you do not waste your precious time.
  • journal daily.
  • be an adventurous cook.
  • be kind to everyone you come in contact with daily.
  • pay off your bills.
  • start a new hobby.
  • exercise.
  • not complain.
  • set a new goal and word to guide your year.
  • really listen and then think if you need to respond.
  • smile.
  • enjoy nature.
  • buy new pens; ones that glide when you write.
  • set up a calendar.
  • do something different each month; something you have never done.
May 2016 bring you peace and joy and health and happiness.  

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