Friday, December 18, 2015

happy friday...

Yeah, it's here. Today is my last day of work and then I am going to enjoy 16, yes 16 days at home. What's planned? Well, I'll be...

  • cooking some new dishes which I love doing.
  • spending time with my husband who is taking some well-deserved time off of work.
  • working with Nick one day to get his home cleaned and decluttered which will be fun as that is one of my specialties.
  • spending some time with my little nugget. I just need to hold him and cuddle him, that's if this little wiggle worm will let me.
  • starting a new crocheting project. I am thinking of making a baby blanket for Chris's sister who is due on our Graham's birthday. Both Sarah and I are hoping Monica has a boy and he's born on G's day. Cousins a year apart born on the same fun!
  • reading.
  • going to a movie or two.
  • loving every bit of my vacation with is truly a gift.
...and now, a message to my colleagues:

Happy last day of school, teacher friends. Wishing all a wonderful, restful break and know, all that you do is appreciated. You give to our youth daily and your efforts to mold them into people who be productive, civilized members of our society is no easy task. Thank you and happy holidays to all!

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