Tuesday, December 29, 2015

a productive day before the new year...

Photo belongs to The Pioneer Woman
As I could not leave my home yesterday due to the crazy storm that hovered over our town all day, I decided to be productive. Accomplished was decluttering and organizing all rooms and closets and drawers once again, cleaning the outside of all cabinets and drawers as well as our refrigerator and lining some drawers. As I am a clean and organized person, one would think that there would not be much dirt or extra clutter, but that was not the case. Our kitchen and bathroom wood cabinets that I cleaned with Murphy Oil Soap were really, really dirty and I truly got rid of about three bags of stuff. Our home looks clean and shiny and together; every nook and cranny. I love it like that and always do this before the new year arrives. It's helps me start the new year positively. Know, I also managed to cook dinner and relaxed before Brian came home by watching a few episodes of Breaking Bad. We decided to re-watch the series over the holiday which as been really fun as that series is one truly one of the best. Today, I'm running some errands in the morning and making our week menu and The Pioneer Woman's Meatloaf which is our favorite. It is the best, especially on a cold, December day!

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