Monday, April 6, 2015

happy monday...

I hope you had a nice Easter weekend.  I...
  • cleaned on Thursday before going to the H's to watch Graham so I would be free to do things with Brian on Friday.  We ran errands for a few hours before heading home to enjoy another fish dinner.
  • went on a run Saturday and when I walked back home, Sarah and Graham were over.  The two of us set a pretty but casual table and I prepped food and we watched over Graham and took turns holding him.  Sarah took a very short break from baby and walked to the grocery store for me and when she left a bit after noon, I headed to Randall Road to buy a few new pieces of clothes. Not great success, but I did get a few things including a new stretchable bracelet for Sarah so she could easily keep track of her nursing schedule.
  • started to note take on how to practice "mindfulness" which focuses your mind on the moment and only the present moment.  It's interesting.
  • made a quick dinner consisting of a salad and Creamy Garlic Tortellini which was quite tasty.  I have to post the recipe as it is a keeper...flavorful, delicious and "easy as pie" to make.
  • was excited when Wisconsin won is this team is now one of the final two competing for the national championship.  Too bad I picked them to play Gonzaga. 
  • enjoyed our Easter afternoon with Sarah and Chris and Graham and Nick.  We missed Jenny and Matt, but it's hard for everyone to be together when the holidays roll around. That being said, the appetizers were perfect as I served olives, pickled peppers, smoked gouda cheese and warm brie with honey mustard.  Plain and simple and colorful!  Our entrée was lamb chops with grilled asparagus and Israel couscous and for dessert, we had strawberry rhubarb pie and carrot cake cupcakes that were so pretty.  We ate early so all could be on their way at a reasonable hour and by 6, Brian and I had finished cleaning up, changed and were watching a movie.
  • began to get mentally ready to return to work which is always hard but I only have 8 more weeks until summer break which makes it not so bad.
Have a great first full week of April!

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