Sunday, March 15, 2015

what a day...

My husband and I did an amazing job spring cleaning yesterday! Some might wonder why one would "spring clean" and my response would be to get rid of all of the winter dust and let me tell you, once you start, there is a ton of "winter" everywhere.  So I started by cleaning the windows, ledges, blinds and furniture and Brian detailed the grill and garage which was a mess. Dresser drawers were organized and some old "stuff" thrown away. The deck and patio and steps were swept and flower pots prepped for planting.  I think I showered after 4 and then steamed broccoli and made a double batch of red quinoa to go with the steaks Brian bought to smoke which were amazing! The funny thing is after all was said and done, I noticed all the base boards need to be cleaned and some windows need another wipe down. Yikes, that really got me as most would say my home is not even dirty.  Oh well, my Saturday goal was accomplished and I'm so  happy all is done as the weather is going to get nicer and nicer so I want our free time to be for fun!  Happy Spring Cleaning!

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