Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"must dos" in our home...

I love being home.  I love the calmness of my home and being here is truly enjoyable for me (us) each and every day.  One of the reason's I think this is so is because there are routines that I have in place that I just won't give up and "things" that I like to have around us so we feel together and balanced. So, here are my home "musts"...

1.  Clean once a week as I love a home that smells fresh.
2.  Keep the blinds opened so my rooms are lit with natural light. 
3.  Stay on top of laundry, fold everything neatly and immediately put clothes away to eliminate clutter.
4.  Play spa music in the morning before work.  I like sounds in our home and I like the "peaceful" feeling it brings me.
5.  Have a wind chime outside a door so I'm cognizant of the wind.
6.  Plant flowers and hang flower baskets as soon as possible so we are surrounded with color.
7.  Keep the garage neat and swept as I don't like dirt outside our living space.
8.  Always set the table with placemats, chargers and glass dishes to celebrate eating.
9.  Completely clean the kitchen after dinner and leave no messes in any room before going to bed so we start each morning ready to "seize the day".
10. Have "green" in rooms; it just works.
11. Work to have something in every corner so rooms "flow".
12. Store "stuff" in woven baskets as baskets just look pretty!

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