Wednesday, March 25, 2015

a wednesday message...

I have been more than busy the last two weeks attempting to achieve a few goals so my "Spring Break" is a real break.  Already accomplished was I finished grading all Science Fair Papers which took around two weeks and then I graded an assessment and a graded assignment. (When you see more than 110 students daily and some tasks assigned require one to grade multiple pages, this just takes time.)  In addition, I did my "Spring Cleaning" at home and the only thing left to do "at the ranch" is get rid of old winter clothes, pack "wear again" winter clothes and take out our light clothes.  I'm not going to reach my weight loss goal, but that's okay as I have been working out which is the most important thing and this has been paired with healthy eating. Now, I need to complete three more of my portfolio entries which is part of my evaluation by Friday and turn it in so I am done. Then, I 'll correct another set of assessments and by the time Sunday arrives, I will be finished with my "to do" list. 
No wonder it might just be a "wine Wednesday"!

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