Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The work week is almost over, which is hard to believe, and today is the one week anniversary of Nick moving into his first apartment. I can't believe it has already been a week.  Yikes!  Well, here is a brief Nick update:
  • His first night was spent here due to no shower curtain or television, hunger and exhaustion.
  • Over the next two days, Brian and I went to his new place after work to continue to help.
  • Nick and I scored on some great decorating accessories to make his place look like him.
  • Thanks, once again to the "Hs, lamps and art work were acquired by Nick over the weekend and hung up yesterday with Brian's help who says the place looks great.  Those two practically furnished his entire place which was so very appreciated by him.
  • No television yet, for some mysterious reason, as the internet is working.  There is a service man scheduled to fix the issue on Thursday.
  • I'm planning on visiting this weekend as I need to see the latest changes.
As for us, our home is quieter and I'm doing waaaay less laundry. Do I miss my guy?  Absolutely not.  It makes me so happy that he has his own place now and yesterday, Brian even shared what I had been thinking.  It is really nice that Nick is living close to us. He has his own space but can visit and eat with us any time and we can drop by as well as we are 5 minutes away.

Well, that's the latest and wishing all a nice Wednesday!

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