Wednesday, November 26, 2014

i am thankful...

This has been quite a day but now, as it draws to an end, all that matters is that my husband made it through a very long surgery and I am thankful for that and...
  • for him, the love of my life who looked scared and brave and worried all at the same time. When we kissed goodbye, the love in his eyes was apparent and I knew, once again, that he is and always will be "my everything".
  • for my Sarah who was there for all of us and never once did not give me a hug or grab my hand or say something positive or funny when I needed her to.  Having a daughter like her has been a gift and as I looked at her today and her growing belly, my heart beamed with joy as I know she will be a loving and caring and happy mommy to her little nugget that will arrive in March!
  • for Chris; Sarah's love and the person both Brian and I know is and will always be there for us and Nick and Matt and Jenny.  He is just that kind of man and to have him in our family is something I never take for granted.
  • for Matt, who cares with all his heart and in his absence; he is never really absent.  This guy, today, talked to Brian for over 30 minutes on speaker phone when he was still not "awake". The conversation was more than a bit crazy; but Matt never once paused or stopped or questioned where it was going.  He just talked to his dad until his dad ended the call and Matt was not taken back by it.  He loves his dad and is and will always be there for him.
  • for Jenny, who so cares for Brain and has been praying for him (and Sarah and the baby.) She is such a wonderful woman and one whom, I am discovering, is like her mom.  Yesterday, Karen sent me the most thoughtful message wishing us well.  It  was so sincere and from her heart that Brian and I were more than touched.  Karen made us both feel like we are a part of her family and it made me once again see why Matt loves Jen and Karen and Marty so much.
  • for Nick, who left with us at 4:55 a.m. and is our rock .  He likes to "take charge" when it comes to difficult situations that involve both Brian and me and he did just that today and tonight and he has made plans to do it in his absence tomorrow. 
  • for all of our family and friends who have been so supportive to us over the past 2 months.  This has been a very difficult time for Brian and me and our kids and we have had so many people by our sides to process with and offer us hugs and thoughts and prayers and support.
Yes, on this Thanksgiving Eve, as I am in my home alone, I am thankful for so much and so hope that tomorrow will be another day filled with thanks!

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