Friday, October 17, 2014

it's the weekend...

leaving in a few hours for a long [birthday] weekend at the coast with my sweet svo + a few girlfriends. and really, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Well, it's here and what's  happening this weekend?  Our family will get together to celebrate our favorite person's 60th birthday on Saturday.  I'm making a small antipasto platter to serve with wine or beer or sparkling water before our gang heads to our favorite Geneva restaurant, Nobel House.  Hopefully, we will get a table as it's one of the "No Reservation" places in town; but that's okay as I have a "Plan B". Then, there will be some necessary school work done on Sunday after a 6 mile run and hopefully, I'll prep some meals as I have not been doing well in that department lately.  That being said, looking forward to cool weather and wonderful fall colors and sunshine!

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