Friday, October 31, 2014

happy halloween friday...

Happy Halloween!
Families of Little Ones:  Enjoy your day as I so know how much your children  have been looking forward to today!
To All:  Beware of all of the ghosts and goblins roaming your neighborhoods tonight.  These creatures are excited and precious and just having fun and not paying attention to much!
What are you doing today and this weekend?   Me, I'm doing my usual "grocery run" and for dinner, I don't know.  I am sad that I did not make my "Halloween Chili" for dinner tonight as that was once a "family tradition" I shared with my kids.   Oh well, that being said, our fireplace will be lit as the weather is going to be coooooold so getting cozy is definitely on the agenda.  I generated a "to do" for Brian and me so we are sure to address everything that needs to be done around here well before November 26th as that is very important to me. I need to have all of my physical space in order so I can focus on helping my guy get strong and recover. So, does that mean Sunday is free?  Well, yes it does so I plan to go to Wool and Company to buy some yarn to crochet a "chunky blanket" for one of Sarah's friends who is having a baby. Looking forward to the first weekend of November!
Have a "ghoulish" Halloween"!

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