Thursday, May 8, 2014

two more to go...

Here are the only 2 things I have left to do on my "Spring to do" list.  I started with 14 so I'm pretty darn pleased.  Again, what's holding me up is my lack of getting down to my goal weight which must happen before my birthday or I'm going to be very, very sad.  That being said, I have 20 days to do it and then, my list will be completed.  Is it possible, I ask myself?  Well, the answer of course is yes, but I think I am going to have to increase my work out time for it to happen.  Ohhhh, why can't things be a little easier?
  1. Get a facial, yes, a wonderful facial to rid my skin of the winter blues.
  2. Buy some new make up at Mario's as I love my Cose and my Laura who is my go-to girl.

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