Friday, May 9, 2014

honoring my mom...


My mom is really an amazing woman. She was married at 21 and had my brother the next year.  She raised 4 children pretty much on her own as my dad was always working. Mom cooked every night, kept her house totally organized and clean and ironed once a week in the basement as she drank Tab, smoked Salem cigarettes and watched soap operas.  She ran everyone around, played with us outside, was on a bowling league, gardened, mowed the lawn, planned parties, dressed us for church and wanted very little for herself.  A Manhattan was her drink of choice and she drank them nightly before dinner.  So very funny.  She loved to read and knit and pray; she has great faith in God.  Mom was more than thrilled when her and my dad moved to Lake Geneva as she so wanted to live in a new city.  She continued to be a devoted grandmother who accepts all of her grandchildren for who they are; my Nick loves her dearly as she respects him and understands him, and this lady is funny.  She still plays jokes on all of us on her favorite holiday, Halloween and dances to any music she hears that she loves no  matter where she is.  As my dad has aged, she is his rock.  She drives them around, keeps him moving, still cleans and gardens and cares for him when he can't which is more often now and does it because she loves him.  Tomorrow I will honor my mom, an incredible woman and wife and mother and sister and aunt and grandmother.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

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