Friday, March 21, 2014


I love college basketball and the NCAA Tournament has always been a big thing in our home.  I can remember when we lived in Flossmoor, there were a number of years when our family would all watch the T.V. as the teams were announced on Sunday.  Then, we would print the brackets to fill out by hand; that was after the years that we had to wait for the newspaper to come out the next day with the bracket template.  (There were no computer options ten plus years ago.) Anyway, after that we would go to Aurelio's for pizza and just enjoy the excitment that we knew would be ahead of us.  It is a memory that I still have embedded in my mind. 
This year, Brian and I chose our teams for my school pool and I was excited.  Little did I know that my team, Ohio State, would be eliminated day one, game one, and many of my other picks would follow.  Not a fun tournament for me!
Have a nice weekend.

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