Tuesday, February 25, 2014

spring wish list...

What do I want to do before summer, or more specifically, during my spring break?
  1. Paint our room.
  2. Paint our bathroom.
  3. Replace our shower stall.
  4. Paint our vanity.
  5. Paint our closet.
  6. Paint our pantry.
  7. Paint our laundry room.
  8. Order new blinds for multiple windows.
  9. Clean all windows.
  10. Have our rugs cleaned.
A really good list and if I prepare and organize my days, mostly doable. Now, is this how I want to spend my time off?  The answer is "yes" and I want to convince Brian to take off with me so that we can do some "much needed work" in our home before it gets warm.  Then, Brian can golf when the warm weather comes without me thinking/sharing/vocalizing that we should be freshening up our home.  Mmmmm!

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