Tuesday, February 25, 2014

some great advice...

Things Mom taught me via fresh every day...

  • Write your thank-you notes on Christmas afternoon.
  • Dress up for air travel.
  • Eat a small salad with every dinner.
  • When cracking open a blue crab, start with the candlestick.
  • Sleep in.
  • Never talk during Seinfeld.
  • Wear lipstick. (One can always use a little color.)
  • Never date a man who doesn't read.
  • Add mayonnaise to your grilled cheese (before grilling).
  • Always maintain your own checking account.
  • Don't say the F-word too much, or it loses its power.
  • Go to church.
  • Never pair baby blue with brown.
  • There is a Rolling Stones song to suit every occasion.
  • If tired, depressed or otherwise blue, take a walk.
  • Never put Jack Daniels in egg nog.
  • When speaking to a customer service representative, be friendly.
  • Work.
  • Don't keep bad friends.
  • Cheese and crackers are a perfectly acceptable dinner.

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