Friday, August 16, 2013

it's friday...

I’ve been practicing copperplate the last couple of days so I made this, done with a Brause 361 nib.
via Calligraphy by Sam
Well, it's my last Friday of vacation!  I was cleaning early as windows are being washed today and then I'm planning our weekend.  Hopefully,we're getting together with sister-in-law Cathie's to celebrate her 50th birthday and maybe we'll golf 9 holes as the weather again promises to be amazing.  I've been getting ready for my students and team this week but still need to do a few more things before Monday so that is on my plate.  Brian is working on Sunday, Matt is in Vegas with Jenny, Chris is working at a Northern Trust Event, Sarah is off to The Grand Geneva with the wives of the "golfing guys" for the weekend and for Nick, it's his Monday so it's back to work tonight.  Things are fun for many in our family this weekend so there's no reason not to smile!

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