Wednesday, August 14, 2013

happy wednesday...

Well, I went to work for 2 consecutive days this week so far, well really,1 full day and 1 partial day due to a skin issue.  For some reason, I have developed eczema and it is itchy, so itchy that I went to see our dermatologist in Carol Stream yesterday as he was not in St. Charles. Soon, I'll hopefully will have a bit of relief!  That being said, today and Thursday will bring me back into work during the morning hours to get things accomplished and then I'm done until Monday.  Also, on our Wednesday agenda is a golf game at our local Pottawatomie course with "The 3 Amigos" if Amigo  #3 can make it as he is planning to be with a few friends over the next couple of days.  Know, that needs to happen as he has not seen many these days! Enjoy this beautiful weather as although it is not hot, it feels wonderful!

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