Thursday, August 15, 2013


I don't know why I don't golf more because I love it when I do.  Good...No!  But I have so much fun and I know most of the rules and work to "keep up the pace" if that's what it is called.  So yesterday, Brian and I were scheduled to golf with Nick at 3:30 and then Matt called to join us as it was, apparently, his first day of "vaca"!  Nick ended up not coming as he declared he had no "sleep schedule" and he did not sleep yesterday. Truthfully, I had so much fun walking and golfing and enjoying the weather and I even made a few great puts.  One was a one-put and it was so exciting that I did a little dance around the green.  Apparently, the two men behind us saw it, asked Matt if his "mom" made a good put as they saw me from afar and he shared a few of my day's highlights.  A great afternoon was had by all!

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