Monday, June 17, 2013

our trip...

Nick called us "The Dream Team" and the 3 of us had a wonderful time together.  Many laughs and looks and smiles were had by all and it's funny how we all learned a little more about each other; things we had not known. I discovered Sarah is more of a "I like to be in control person" than we realized and it was not more than an hour into the trip that Nick discovered it as well and said, "Okay Sarah, lead the way."  (Let the truth be told, however, that we needed Sarah to be in control most of the time as I don't travel much so I don't know all that needs to be done so all get from Point A to Point B successfully!) She is also more loving and caring and thoughtful and beautiful than ever and she loves her brother very much. As I/we have not traveled with Nick for a long time, Sarah and I soon noticed he likes to explore new places, likes to do things, needs to know the plan of the day, laughs a lot and loves Jack Daniels and Coke way too much.  He also worries about me fading and getting tired and watches me watch him which he does not like. Nick is also more social than I thought and really listens to people. This trip truly reminded me how lucky Brian and I are to have all of our children enjoy each other and us. We are such a fortunate family!

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