Wednesday, May 8, 2013

getting ready for our graduation weekend...

This is a very special weekend in our family as we are getting ready for our very last to graduate from college.  Brian and I are more than excited. Nick is the one that we did not think would follow the path that he did when he did; it was actually a complete surprise to us.  Because, however, he was passionate about playing college rugby and go to school, he now has a degree and will soon start a new chapter in his life.
Today, we are...
  • packing our luggage and gifts and beverages.
  • calling Nick as he needs to be advised that he has to start to think and plan and do a few important things like...
    •  begin packing,
    •  sell what is not coming home which is everything except clothes and kitchen supplies,
    • cancel his electric and cable,
    • check out of Williamsburg Apartments and 
    • call a security company to schedule an interview. (Nick needs advanced warning for "to be completed tasks" or he cannot operate!)
  • writing a few cards before eating and getting to bed early so we can wake up by 4 and start our final journey to Jonesboro.
This will be one of those "once in a life time weekends" which are truly amazing!

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