Wednesday, May 8, 2013

an early mother's day successful gift...

I mailed my mom a Mother's Day card on Monday and the Shari's Berries gift was to arrive today.  Success!!!  I had a voice mail from my mom late afternoon which I listened to for a couple of seconds before I deleted it and made my call.  Our conversation was sweet as my mom said that when her and my dad came home this afternoon, they got the mail and my card.  Then, she just happened to open the front door to find an box that she exclaimed had to be from me.  (Just what I wanted...a surprised gift for my mom!) She apparently panicked when she saw the ice packets had melted and was shocked when the gift was unwrapped and both saw all of the gorgeous strawberries.  Then, another moment of anxiety, according to mom as she read that they had to be eaten within 48 hours.

me:  Mom, did you and dad taste a strawberry?
my mom:  No, we have to eat dinner.
me:  Mom, you got the berries 2 hours ago.  Try one, each of you.
my mom: Noooo!  We have to eat dinner. We are going to have to figure out how to eat them all.
me: How many did I send you?  I think at least 8 or 12..
my mom:  No, I think 4.  Let me check.  Noooo, you sent 12!!! How are we going to eat these?
me:  I thought so.  It's okay, mom, just give dad one now and eat them daily.
my mom:  No, dad does not get one now but we will eat them!
(Who does not sample a "food gift" upon arrival?  I even do and I don't like many sweet treats!)

Well,  I'm glad the gift was a success and that we broke down my parent's strawberry eating schedule.  Know, I will miss not seeing my sweet mom on Mother's Day.  She asks for so little and gives so much!

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