Friday, June 1, 2018

happy friday...

Hello, hello, hello. It has been awhile as I am continuing to work on getting into a daily routine after moving four weeks ago tomorrow and let's just say, I am almost there. What has not happened, however, is me resuming my "forever journal" blog or daily exercising. It will come! It will come!
What is life like for us now, you might ask? Well,  Brian and I are enjoying our beautiful, new place. We love the space and location and amenities; it is beautiful and our life is much, much, much simpler. Cooking has resumed, thank goodness for that, and after this weekend, all unpacking and decluttering will be done. I only have one box of pictures to deal with and a few things in cabinets that I saved but have not missed so they might be gone by the end of the weekend. Celebrating me continues, which is crazy! I have had two retirement parties and a Mother's Day celebration and two birthday celebrations already. Coming up this week are two more retirement gatherings; one with my family and one with my team. Amazing! I am truly lucky as my friends and family have been so wonderful to me. This has been a special four weeks; full of change and love and I have been touched by many. Life is good!

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