Monday, March 26, 2018

happy spring break monday...

As we enter another week, Brian and I are hoping we no longer will be living a life where everything is literally "Up in the Air". We don't do well with uncertainty, especially when it comes to where we are going to live. That is my wish. 
Let's see, our weekend was quiet. Brian worked half days as he continues to be "crazy busy" and I cleaned, did laundry, food shopped, ordered a few gifts and meal planned. Nick and I talked for quite a while, laughing and planning our time together and sadly, I did not see my two loves. My Graham was under the weather, poor Graham, and my Ava was spooked by an adult dressed in a horrible rabbit suit. It was not even close to a "Happy Easter Rabbit", not close. Mmmm, what else? I intended to spend time grading papers as I want to get my report cards submitted and lessons planned by the end of today. I'll see if that can happen and of course, we enjoyed sport. I love March sports! As for this week, it is for me to recharge. Yep, each day I'm doing something for me...reading, getting mani/pedi, my hair cut and colored and doing some long-term planning if we sign off on our home. (Please let this happen so we can move forward, please!)
Enjoy "Spring Break Week" all; this is truly a gift we are given and when we return to work a week from today, we have 46 more days until our school year is over.

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