Sunday, August 13, 2017

looking back...

Last week was about...
  • work and meetings and a disappointing e-mail saying that science teachers CANNOT go into their rooms until after the 16th.
  • Lake Geneva which meant time with my mom and dad and husband and Sarah and Graham. It was wonderful!
  • dinners and wine and snacks and walking.
  • driving in the country and seeing farms and land how big the corn is in the fields in the midwest.
  • a trip to Aurelio's where we shared a bottle of wine on the patio and a pizza after a long Saturday of golfing and driving and unpacking.
  • hearing from Nick who is good, although there are many fires in the High Desert lately.
  • a Sunday that was not a day of rest! We cleaned the house, trimmed and water all plants, swept the patio and garage, cleaned two fans, put away laundry, washed two cars, went to Costco and Binney's and then smoked ribs while watching golf.
  • missing our Ava and family.

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