Tuesday, June 13, 2017


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I had a restless night last night as there is much on my mind today. This morning, I thought of something I sometimes ask my students.
 I often ask middle school students, "Do you think you really know the people you see day in and day out?"             Most say "Yes!" and then I share that I would say no.
I tell them that I think we only know what that person chooses to reveal to us. We do not know if that person is sad or worried or sick or lonely or scared or nervous. We do not know if that person is burdened by something each and every day. We do not know if their heart is hurting.
I then tell these children what that means is that we should never judge people. We are not "walking in their shoes" so we must be helpful and empathetic and respectful to all. I tell them everyone deserves to be treated kindly
I'm going to think of this when I see a stranger today!

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