Monday, June 12, 2017

summer "time"...

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My summer is very different from almost all of my co-workers. Most of the younger ones take classes during break some have a second jobs. The thirty and forty year olds have families so they are busy, busy, busy all year and then there are those who are my age. (And let me just say, there are not many.) We do not have any real responsibilities when we are not working which is both good and bad. If I don't plan, time can easily be wasted so one must "think of things to do" to be productive. I think about what I want to read or make or cook or where I want to go. I make lists and workout plans and keep notes about what I do over the week. This seems a bit crazy; but it is real when your kids are married and gone.  Summer "time" looks different depending on the stage of life one is in, it really does.

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