Monday, June 19, 2017

please say it's not monday...

I reminded these two that we don't take "selfies" with my Nikon!
It's just not right!!
My husband and I had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday, we celebrated my dad's 91st birthday with two of our three children. I missed Nick so much but loved being with my two sweet older ones and their families. Their families and the babies made us so happy. Then, on Sunday, all of our guys golfed while Sarah and Graham and I went to The French Market, shopped on Third Street and then lunched. I so enjoyed our time together and then proceeded to enjoy celebrating my favorite "father"; my kids dad, late in the afternoon. He is such a good and loving father to all,  in fact, this past week, we were talking about Nick and he shared how much he loves and cares and believes in him and in all of our kids. It was beautiful. 
Have a great week, all!

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