Friday, June 23, 2017

i am starting this today...

7 Tips To Keep A Healthy Diet & Mindset Throughout Your Week

This week I was off in the "healthy eating" department and good in the "exercise daily in the morning" department. I can feel that my body is "off" so what am I going to do?
Just kidding!
I am going on a ten day reboot program that I am designing for myself. I already started my day with a brew of Matcha and Detox Tea and I just made my second pot to drink at room temp. I'm going to be sure to get in 80 oz of water daily and my food intake is going to be minimum until dinner only today. (I like to ingest liquid when I'm "out of sink" on Day 1 of my reboot which is not really the right way to do things but it works for me.) Mmmmm, what else? I guess the next ten days will also revolve around eating little from boxes,  thinking "greens and grains and paleo" and journaling my exercise and food and water intake. That should be fun. 
Look for my report on Sunday, July 2, as to whether or not I reached my goal and how I feel.

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