Thursday, May 25, 2017

what a year so far...

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I wanted to reflect on what I did this year to care for my mind, body and soul so here it is. I...
  • joined a gym.
  • worked with a trainer to learn how to weight and strength train for three plus months.
  • sent out gifts to people who would never expect a gift from me so they would know I was thinking of them.
  • let things go. I consciously made myself not dwell on negativity  or on "what ifs"or on people who are negative.
  • relaxed and ionized in a salt cave.
  • made myself "not judge" me.
  • put infusers in all of the rooms we live in so we are surrounded by calm energy.
  • started Shakeology again.
  • decluttered often so our space was opened and peaceful.
  • put live, green plants all around our home so we were surrounded by life.
  • spent as much time as possible with my family.
  • spent more time with new friends.
  • worked on not taking things personally.
  • cooked and read and crocheted and took a few more pictures with my Nikon.
Feeling somewhat accomplished as the "half year" is not her quite yet!

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