Wednesday, April 5, 2017

and baby makes three...

Today, our entire family welcomed Ava Jane.
 (Note: Is this not the most precious "before picture" you have ever seen? These two show so much love toward each other. Can you see the excitement and love in their eyes? They really look like they are ready to move from "two" to a "family".  Matt and Jenny are a beautiful couple.)

Ava joined us at "...6:00 a.m. on the dot." today per her daddy's text and he also happened to mention, "She is beautiful!" Words cannot express the joy that I know all eight of us feel tonight as we have been waiting for Ava. We are ready to hold and kiss and love this precious bundle of joy.

So thankful that Ava is here, that Jenny is doing well as she had a real "labor", and that our Matt now has two beautiful girls to care for and love.

Welcome Ava and Happy Birthday!!!

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