Friday, March 24, 2017

this year so far...

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When the new year arrived, I decided to do things for me that would be good for my mind, body and sour. Well, I am turning 60 in May so doing things to make me feel good and making some deliberate changes for the better was my plan. (Not surprising!)  I was reflecting on my progress the other day and I liked what I have done and how I feel inside and out. Here are the results...
  • I feel positive almost each and every day; really! I wake up and embrace each day; I'm happy to start my day which is how we should feel, isn't it? 
  • I have been seeing a personal trainer once a week since the end of January. I'm learning how to used weights and machines to increase my strength and my body feels stronger
  • I've bought some great face products and have been eating healthy so I feel good inside and out.
  • My morning routine starts my days off calmly and I do not dwell on anything at work so my mental state of mind is where it should be. That is a great way to tackle work days.
  • I really try to take one day at a time. It feels good to not worry about things that have not happened and it is one thing that we talked about with Nick before his move. Make one goal, accomplish it, and then make another. 
  • I appreciate my family daily; each and every one of them as they make me complete. My husband and children and son and daughter-in-law and grandson  are what matters and not a day goes by that I do not reflect on how lucky I am to have all seven of them (Soon to be eight of them!) in my life.
Not bad, right? 

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